Phil St. Moritz

CEO & Owner

  • Founder & CEO of St. Moritz Security Services, Inc.
    1982 – Present
  • President & CEO of St. Moritz Building Services, Inc.
    1968 – Present
  • St. Moritz Labor Services
    1998 – Present
  • Bill’s Marine Services
    2002 – Present
  • 100% Stockholder of St. Moritz Security Services, Inc.

Kevin Smith

President of Commercial Services

  • Senior Vice President of Marketing and Operations for St. Moritz Security Services, Inc.
    1988 – 2013
  • Served as Account Executive, Senior Account Executive, and Director of Marketing until attaining his current position in 2003
  • Over 23 years of security experience with St. Moritz Security Services, Inc.

Brian Fiscus

Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer for the St. Moritz Group including St. Moritz Security Services, Inc.
    2002 – Present
  • CPA with over 16 years of experience
  • Corporate Officer (Treasurer) for the St. Moritz Group

Mark Sheratsky

Senior Vice President

  • Vice President of the ATM Division
    2001 – Present
  • Created the ATM Division through contacts with the major service providers in the ATM industry
  • Over 40 years of security industry experience

Bob Buckley

Senior Vice President

Operational oversight of: New England, New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Palm Springs, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Scottsdale, Orlando, Miami and Hawaii.

  • Vice President of Loss Prevention and Escort Services
    2010 – Present
  • Served as a Security Director for large retailers specializing in external/internal investigations and apprehensions, shortage reductions, credit fraud and operations
  • Over 20 years of security/law enforcement experience, with 15 years dedicated to Loss Prevention

Nick Boelens

Senior Vice President

Servicing: IL, MD, Eastern PA, VA, WV, and Washington, DC

  • 1983 graduate of Western Illinois University where he earned a BS in Law Enforcement Administration
  • Joined SMSSI in August 2010 and serves as the Northeast Regional Director
  • Held various senior management positions at Borg Warner Protective Services
    1983 – 2001
  • Murdoch Security Group
    2004 – 2009

Greg Barker

Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

  • Thirty (31) years of experience in Service Business Sales, eighteen (18) years in multiple aspects of Security & Janitorial services, and thirteen (13) years in Electronic Security.
  • B.S. Business Marketing, Indiana University of PA.