With Covid-19 regulations changing weekly and even daily, there is a lot of uncertainty as people and companies adjust to the “new normal.”

As an industry leader, St. Moritz Security Services, Inc. has been working with both public and private sector entities and experts to comply with and anticipate new Covid-19 laws, protocols and guidance. We are a boutique security provider with a national footprint – known for our renowned expertise, superior uniformed staff, industry-leading training regimens, cutting edge quality control and reporting tools, and intense focus on customer service, all of which unite to deliver top shelf results.

St. Moritz is here to help you navigate the new normal and protect your interests.

Our Covid Compliance Services Include:

  • Covid-19 Exposure Response

  • Covid Compliance Officer

  • Thermal Scanning Procedures

  • PPE Distribution/Enforcement

  • Occupancy Restriction

    • Social Distance Enforcement

    • Remote Monitoring and Response

    • Visitor Management & Crowd Control

    • Emergency Response

    • CDC/OSHA Compliance

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