Safety First

St. Moritz is dedicated to providing our employees with a safe and healthy work environment. We provide safety programs to prevent against workplace injury and exposure to hazardous materials. Should you need more information on our safety programs or assistance in resolving an accident or incident, please contact Jeff Sweat, Risk Manager, at our corporate offices or by email at

Safety Blasts:

Working Safely In Cold Environments

February 2021 Safety Blast

Portable Fire Extinguisher Safety

March 2021 Safety Blast

Combatting Fatigue And The Winter Blues

April 2021 Safety Blast

Electrical Safety

May 2021 Safety Blast

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

June 2021 Safety Blast

Hot Weather Safety

July 2021 Safety Blast

How To Help A Choking Victim

August 2021 Safety Blast

Cultivating A Healthy Lifestyle

September 2021 Safety Blast

Eliminating Fire Hazards In The Workplace

October 2021 Safety Blast

Flu Season – Facts About The Flu

November 2021 Safety Blast

Holiday Safety Tips

December 2021 Safety Blast

Plan Your Trip With Common Sense

January 2022 Safety Blast

Getting The Proper Amount Of Sleep

February 2022 Safety Blast

Driving Company Cars – Accident or Carelessness?

March 2022 Safety Blast

Distracted Driver Awareness

April 2022 Safety Blast

Preventing Heat Exhaustion

May 2022 Safety Blast

Involved In A Car Accident?

June 2022 Safety Blast

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Exercise

July 2022 Safety Blast

Preventing Heat Exhaustion

August 2022 Safety Blast

What Is Subrogation?

September 2022 Safety Blast

Pedestrian Safety

October 2022 Safety Blast

Additional Safety Resources

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