St. Moritz Security Services, Inc.

Security service is not the same for every customer; therefore, St. Moritz does not offer a generic, pre-packaged service. St. Moritz develops security programs while working closely with the customer to develop the program that most fits their individual needs. Standard Operation Procedures can then be developed and implemented so the security officers may understand the security needs for that customer.

No security program can be successfully implemented without quality people to execute the program. The St. Moritz difference is our people. From the entry level security officer to the President, St. Moritz is committed from the top down to provide the highest level of service possible. St. Moritz retention percentage is well above industry standards and the average tenure of our customer base is seven years. Several of our clients have been with St. Moritz for over twenty-five years. This is a direct result of St. Moritz attention to detail enacted by the quality individuals we recruit and retain on a security officer and management level.

Founded in 1982, St. Moritz Security Services, Inc. has experienced tremendous growth since its inception. St. Moritz has achieved such growth through commitment to the client and flexible management and operation of our security services. Many of St. Moritz initial customers are still our customers today which qualifies the first sentence in our mission statement “St. Moritz mission advocates customer loyalty over market share”.

St. Moritz is a Pennsylvania Corporation that remains 100% privately and American Owned. St. Moritz achieved over $140 million in annual sales in 2022 which ranks us as one of the largest American-owned security companies in the United States and in the top 2% of companies worldwide.

St. Moritz is comprised of both core and specialized services. All services are managed by a Vice President or National Director which is accountable for overall management and profitability. This flexibility has given St. Moritz entrance into several niche markets and has differentiated St. Moritz from a traditional security guard provider to one-source security services solution.

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