The St. Moritz SOC

  •   24/7/365
  •   Professionally Staffed
  •   Latest Technologies
  •   Client Portal Integration
  •   Friendly Service
  •   International Resources
  •   400+ Affiliates
  •   Tested Continuity Protocols

Many security companies claim that they are responsive to their clients’ needs, but St. Moritz Security Services believes that “actions speak louder than words.”

We have invested considerable capital in the development and maintenance of a twenty-four (24) hour Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure that SMSSI is able to respond to our clients’ needs at any time.  Our Pittsburgh-based Operations Center handles thousands of officer requests/calls per month.

A Lead SOC Specialist is always on duty, in addition to SOC Specialists for officer requests, schedule verification, escalations and emergency management. Our specialists have cell phone and email access to all management team members, from our Field Staff to our Leadership Team. SOC Specialists also have access to emergency resources and logistics to resolve problems/issues in the field, nationwide.

State-of-the-art dispatching, scheduling, and contact management software packages, both commercial and proprietary, are in place and our staff is fully trained on their use.

All SOC Team Members have individual work stations and a full complement current proprietary software programs. Each station is integrated into our corporate system and information can be shared in multiple formats. Information flow is enhanced by our open-air environment, which allows for closer oversight by supervisors and managers.

Our operators are professionally trained and efficient in handling calls, exemplifying our customer service philosophy.

Daily off-site backup of all systems, battery backup for both servers and phone systems, written guidelines outlining policies, procedures and client-specific protocols,  onsite security systems and continuously trained personnel, all ensure our ability to continue operations through any crisis or disaster. We have a multi-layered telephone backup system in place, in the event of a major disaster that affects communication lines long-term.

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