St. Moritz and CSI

Partnerships greatly expand the services that St. Moritz can offer our current and potential clients. As such, we have formed a strategic alliance with Corporate Security and Investigations, Inc. (CSI). A well known and respected firm, CSI offers expert investigations, consulting and training. St. Moritz and CSI recognize security and investigations are complementary services and by joining forces, clients have access to a complete suite of risk management tools judiciously ordered to meet the ever-growing security demands throughout the United States and abroad.

CSI is a recognized leader in risk management and investigation with an expert staff of highly accomplished professionals who hold a wide array of expertise. This depth of talent allows them to handle any situation and as a St. Moritz customer, you have direct access to the world class expert and services they offer.

This alliance offers several advantages including:

• Rapid response to critical incidents. St. Moritz can deploy the expertise of CSI investigators and consultants without delay.

• A collaborative approach to risk mitigation. Barriers that hinder access and the flow of information are removed and resolutions are expedited.

• Leverage operational intelligence. Because St. Moritz is embedded in your facility we are familiar with your people, processes and technology. Investigative efforts are then less intrusive and more accurate.

• Guaranteed trustworthy, discreet and competent. By forging this relationship St. Moritz is able to extend critical, expert services to their clients when they are most vulnerable.

• Depth and breadth. CSI has a deep bench and offers many risk management and investigative services applicable to almost any situation or occurrence.

• Integration of services. Security solution packages are available, tailored to meet your needs, protect your interests, and maximize your security budget.

St. Moritz is able to extend the following services through their partnership with CSI:

Investigative Services:

Expert Investigations

Surveillance Operations

Investigative Research & Due Diligence

Pre-employment background checks

Vulnerability consulting and analysis

Termination services

Undercover operations

Technical consulting (cameras and access control)

Executive Protection (National & International)

Training Services:

Commitment-based security training

Critical incident response training

Work place violence – sexual harassment training

Crisis Management Training and Exercises

Kidnap/Ransom Training and Response

Firearms Training and Weapons Familiarization for Executives

Defensive Driving Techniques and Tactics

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