Our Armed Escorts provide a safe and secure working environment for ATM Repair Technicians while they work to get your ATM machine back online. Repair Technicians may request Escorts at any time through our one call, 24/7 Security Operations Center. Our Armed ATM Escorts ensure your ATM is repaired in a timely manner while minimizing the threat of robbery or targeted attacks.

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is an integral part of dispatching and tracking our Escort Officers and supporting our clients. The SOC offers a 24/7, one stop solution with centralized communications, metrics, and issue resolution protocols.

As an industry leader, St. Moritz Security Services, Inc. has decades of experience providing ATM Escort Services to Fortune 500/1000 companies. We are a high-touch security provider with a national footprint known for our expertise, exceptional staff, industry-leading training regimens, cutting edge quality control reporting tools, and an intense focus on customer service, all of which unite to deliver top shelf results to our clients.

An ATM on a gray, stone wall with a cobblestone road below

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