Our 24/7 national Emergency Response Team (ERT) is prepared to respond to any emergency situation, including weather catastrophes and interruptions in business operations caused by social unrest. Our ERT has experience in responding to natural disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina & Sandy and as well as other disruptive events.

In addition, our Security Operations Center (SOC) offers a one call 24/7/365 solution for all emergency response requests. After a request is submitted, an SOC Specialist is your point of contact and handles your case from start to resolution.

St. Moritz Security Services, Inc. is among the largest and most accomplished American-owned and operated security firms in America. We are a high-touch security provider with a national footprint known for our expertise, exceptional staff, industry-leading training regimens, cutting edge quality control reporting tools, and an intense focus on customer service, all of which unite to deliver top shelf results to our clients.

Palm trees swaying in a hurricane with heavy rain and high winds

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