Full Entertainment Industry Security Service Solutions

We are proud to be contributing business members of the Locations Managers Guild of America.

St. Moritz Security Services, Inc. has been a leader in the specialized security industry for over 30 years. We have provided professional, experienced, and discreet protection in numerous unique situations. In addition to our Executive Security Services, Threat Assessment/Risk Analysis, and Corporate Investigations, we also provide some of the most experienced Entertainment Protection available today. The depth of our recourses allows you to have at your disposal a highly trained security staff, without the added costs of full time employees. The “connected services” philosophy at St. Moritz allows your organization to focus on your business, while we insure the safety of everyone involved.

Gone are the days of assumed safety and security in many public settings and situations. Protecting your Artist, their family and the crew cannot be left to the inexperienced or poorly trained. St. Moritz Security offers the most professional alternative in the entertainment industry today. With St. Moritz Security, you receive services tailored to the artist and the situation, by a trained individual that also has at their hands the resources of a multi-national corporation with over 30 years of experience in security/protection industry. Entertainment security is unique in both the scope of responsibilities and the breadth of different working environments. St. Moritz Security personnel have the experience to evaluate and then plan accordingly for any situation, ensuring a safe and incident free setting. We recruit our staff from many unique fields including the entertainment industry itself, military personnel, and former police officers and Federal agents. Our experience with major film and television studios speak for itself. Although there will always be a time and place for physical presence, we believe discreet protection is always preferable to excessive displays of force.

Our ability to provide all the security needs for a project, regardless of geography, allows for “one stop shopping” for your project and staff. This includes the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry from music to movies, and sports to television. We offer one contact and one invoice which can streamline the often-hectic atmosphere of the back office and set.

Film Credits:

  The Avengers (2012)

  I Am Number Four

  Unstoppable (2010)

  The Town

  Bride Wars

  As Good As It Gets


  Knight and Day

  The Proposal


  Edge of Darkness

Television Credits:

  Kitchen Nightmares

  Love Addiction

  Political Animals


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