Armed Jewelry Escort Security

The St. Moritz Jewelry Escort Services are a highly specialized service that provides jewelry representatives with armed protection while transporting diamonds and other precious jewelry. To provide the level of protection necessary for the jewelry industry, St. Moritz developed a network of over 2,000 active and retired police officers to provide the escorts. The armed escorts’ main function is the safety of the jewelry representative. The main faction the armed escorts must protect against is the South American Theft Group or South American Terrorist Group (SATG). The SATG is an organized group of Columbian Gang Members who specifically target jewelry. Through vigilance and attention to detail, St. Moritz has performed over 85,000 escorts without incident.

Our ICC is an integral part of dispatching and tracking our jewelry escort officers, and supporting our clients with centralized communications, metrics, and issue resolution protocols. The same 24/7, one call, solution available with all our services.

We are proud to be the security provider to some of the largest and most recognized names in the jewelry industry.

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