Proper key and access card control are vital to ensuring a site is secure. St. Moritz Security Officers are trained in the proper care, custody, and control of client provided keys and access cards. To ensure complete control of keys and access cards, our Security Officers use a “safe and secure” key-guard system at all times. Our technology partner, TetherTech, provides state of the art key control devices that ensure keys and access cards never leave our security officers’ side.

St. Moritz Security Officers who manage, distribute, or safeguard keys are required to conduct a complete key inventory at the beginning and end of their shift. SMSSI supervision is immediately notified in the event of a missing or damaged key or access card and an Incident Report is written and submitted as well.

Our officers have the ability to not only manage keys and access cards for the security department, but for other departments as well. This includes janitorial key control, day-to-day operations key control, and more.

For locations that do not staff a 24/7 security officer, a pre-designated lockbox will be used to secure the key and access card during off hours.


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