Our Mobile Security Patrols act as a deterrent to potential threats through our Security Action Plan (SAP). Mobile Patrols, whether on foot, in vehicle, or via remote monitoring, help save your organization money by preventing and anticipating vandalism, theft, and more.

Once a potential threat is identified, Mobile Patrols follow the Incident Response Escalation Measure (IREM), planned by your facility, to mitigate any threat. The IREM may include calling additional Security Officers or alerting the authorities – we’ll work together to establish the best protocol for you.

St. Moritz Security Services, Inc. is among the largest and most accomplished American-owned and operated security firms in America. We are a high-touch security provider with a national footprint known for our expertise, exceptional staff, industry-leading training regimens, cutting edge quality control reporting tools, and an intense focus on customer service, all of which unite to deliver top-shelf results to our clients.


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